The Women's Washroom

A little while ago I attended a T-girl convention at an hotel in a nearby city. It was quite the affair, with panel discussions, a fashion show, makeup and wig concessions, a grand dinner and dance, and of course, shopping. There was quite a crowd, and it was so nice to be able to be oneís self, even if only for a weekend.

I especially liked the dinner and dance, where we all got the chance to dress to "the high nines". But one incident seemed to take the edge off it. The area in which the events were taking place was on the same floor as the main restaurant and dining room used by hotel guests and the general public. As you can imagine, on a Saturday evening the dining room would have been filled to capacity. Unfortunately there was only one set of rest rooms available to patrons on that floor, and the hotel management had seen fit to place signs on the doors making these rooms available only for the hotel dining room guests. That seemed to have caused quite a stir in some quarters of our group.

It neednít have!

Had they given the matter some serious thought, they would have concluded that the hotel management was quite correct in their actions. Considering the fact that almost all of us had rooms in the hotel to which we could repair for whatever the need, and that arrangements had been made for those few others to use the room of one of the organizers, it was only a small inconvenience. In addition, there were more than a few of us dressed in what can only be described as fantasy wear. It doesnít take much imagination to estimate the reaction of an unaware female restaurant patron emerging from a washroom stall being greeted by a six foot tall, base voiced Little Bo Peep, now does it? To make the situation even more interesting, there were quite a few of us who wouldnít have "passed" in a million years! Yet it seemed to be these same people who were raising the objections to using the womenís washroom!

One of our group was heard to comment, "Well, after all, they are part of our family."

Excuse me! Here we are, espousing the argument, over and over again, ad nauseam, "We are sane, responsible adults who need to express, by cross dressing, our feminine side. Why canít society understand and accept us?" Hello! Society is not there yet, and it seems to me that it wonít be for some time yet! Itís one thing to "push the envelope", itís quite another to flaunt masculine femininity under the same guise.

So, ladies, this is a plea for a wee bit of sanity here. There IS more to using the womenís washroom than, "Itís alright to use the womenís washroom provided that you make sure your feet are pointed the right way, you wash your hands, and leave quickly."

Think about it!

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