An Afternoon Concert by Tone Cluster

Last Sunday afternoon I attended a concert presented by a group called 'Tone Cluster — quite a queer choir'. It was a hot, humid, sunny afternoon with a gentle breeze blowing white fluffy clouds across the blue sky. As I made my way up the staircase towards the entrance of the Unitarian Church where the concert was to be given I was joined by my good friend Joanne Law. Once inside we were met by Amanda Ryan, the President of [Gender Mosaic]. She was there, as were we, as honoured guests for the afternoon.

Once settled into our places the members of Tone Cluster made their way to the stage. We were most fortunate in being seated centrally, very close to the front, where we would be able to take full advantage of the sound. And what a sound it was! From the opening chords of the very first number to the last dying note of the encore it was a musical treat of the finest order; chords balanced, vowels matched, attacks and releases precise. The sound they produced defied their numbers. Less than thirty, they sounded like fifty!

Tone Cluster Logo

The Afternoon Program
The program for the afternoon.

After a standing ovation the choir agreed to present one encore. The piece they chose hit so close to home that I found myself unable to hold back the tears. Gosh, even as I write this, the memory of it brings tears once again. The piece, "How Could Anyone?", by Libby Roderick, arrangement by Jane Perry, the Choir’s music director, as it was presented was just too beautiful for words.

To find out more about them and to get a listing of their current schedule, visit them at their [Tone Cluster] web site. Go there now. You won’t be sorry!

Visually pleasing as well, the Tone Cluster choir is a class act not to be missed!

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