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My Transgender History
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Before Fifty
The Worst of Both Worlds
Fifty to Sixty
Beyond Sixty
A Very Special Dinner
A Very Special Church Service
A New Life
A Visit To The Bank

My Thoughts
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Trans Books
Alice In Genderland
   The book cover
Crossdressing With Dignity
   The book cover
   The Girl In The Glass
Miss Vera's Finishing School
   The book cover
Mom, I Need To Be A Girl
   The book cover
My Husband Betty
   The book cover
My Husband Wears My Clothes
   The book cover
The Riddle Of Gender
   The book cover
She's Not The Man I Married
   The book cover
   Quotes from the book
She's Not There
   The book cover
Speaking As A Woman
   The book cover
Stuck in the Middle with You
   The book cover
Transgender Good News
   The book cover
Understanding Cross-dressing
   The book cover
   The Masculine/Feminine Game
The Uninvited Dilemma
   The book cover
Unzipping Gender
   The book cover
Vested Interests
   The book cover

Other Books
The Power of Intention
   The book cover
Ask And It Is Given
   The book cover

Friends Webs
Favourite Links With Banners Page
   The Sacred Feminine
   The Sisterhood
   Kool Acres
   Jacqueline Allison's Internet Home
   Karyn Susanne Ashe's Web Site
   Susan Miller's Crossdressing Corner
   Jailyn's Web Site
   The 'Sweet Explosion' Web site
   Suzi's Surrender
   Joanne's World
   Joanne Law's Web Site
   Shari William's Web Site

Links to Resources Page
   Lynn Conway's Remarkable Web Site
   Jaily's Beauty Site
   Susana Marques TV Directory
   Laura's Playground
   Lauren's Web Site
   The Breastform Store
   Making A Difference Counselling and Consultation
   Gender Mosaic Support Group
   Gender Evolve
   Susan's Place Transgender Resources
   Trisha Lynn's Journey
   Tranny Sites
   FAQ's on Hormones