Links I have found useful.

Talia Johnson's Site

Talia Johnson is a noted speaker and workshop facilitator on trans issues, intimate partner violence, policy development, and bridging faith, within the LGBT / Queer communities. She also offers one-on-one coaching, counselling, and mentorship for those who are exploring their gender identity and expression as well as those who are seeking support in other aspects of life.

Ricki's in the Carlingwood Mall, Ottawa

Located is in The Carlingwood Mall in Ottawa, Canada. Highly recommended by members of Ottawa's Gender Mosaic, this fabulous store is very welcoming, helpful and respedtful to transwomen. If you live anywhere in the Ottawa region this is one place you do not want to pass up.

Lynn Conway's Remarkable Web Site

This website has evolved into a major informational and support site for transgender and transsexual people. It reflects years of field work and empirical research, and intensive efforts at framing and writing up the resulting observations regarding this previously almost invisible, highly stigmatized minority about which many superstitions still prevail.

The EstheticianEDU Site

As the saying goes, beauty is only skindeep, and this is good news for the skincare industry. The meteoric growth of the health and wellness industry is creating unprecedented opportunities and a dazzling outlook for licensed estheticians.

Jailyn's Beauty Site

Jailyn's Beauty Site, authored by a cosmetologist, contains all the advice you will ever need concerning facial makeup. She offers FREE "virtual makeovers" and advice to those who ask, provided she has the time. I don't think she has ever turned anyone down.

Laura's  Playground

Laura's Playground has grown to be one of the best Transgender resources on the 'Net today. It is quite comprehensive, and well worth revisiting time and again!

The Cliptomania Web Site

Cliptomania® is an Internet store devoted exclusively to selling good quality fashion and designer, non-pierced, earrings. Hundreds of day and evening wear styles are available; hand-crafted designs, affordable gemstones, magnetic reversibles, sterling silver, 14K gold and children's clip earrings.

The Breastform Store

The BreastForm Store is a service dedicated exclusively to the needs of the Transgender and Cross Dressing community. Their exceptional level of caring, personal service includes a Certified Breast Form Fitter to answer your Email or phone questions.

Helma Seidl's Web Site

Making A Difference Counselling and Consultation is a professional counselling service dedicated to helping clients enhance their strengths and build their coping skills that we all need to grow through life's challenges.

Gender Mosaic Support Group Web Site

Support Group for the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region. Being very active, this group meets socially once a month, has separately arranged, monthly support meetings, while providing a safe, and confidential, haven for those still "in the closet."

Susan's Place Transgender Resources

A support resource for the transgender community which provides information of use to transsexuals, crossdressers, and their familes. Resources available include Chat, Links, Reference Library, Site Reviews, Forums, GRS surgeon reviews, Wiki, and much more.

FAQ's on Hormones

For those who are curious about hormones, this site might answer some of your most basic questions.

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