A Professional Pedicure!

I had to do it. I really had to do it!

I suppose if one is going to live as a woman, one had better get used to beauty salons and all that goes with them. Naturally, I just had to try. Didn't I?

And so it was, in fear and trepidation that, one sunny winter afternoon, I entered Aluring & Chic to make an appointment for a pedicure

Alluring & Chic, Unisex Hair & Esthetics Salon

The Foyer

For a first timer, the foyer was a bit unnerving. It left no doubt as to where I was. Although Alluring & Chic is advertised as unisex, there was no doubt at all that I was in a woman's world, a world I had better get used to.

I screwed up my courage and introduced myself to the receptionist.

I was immediately put at ease by Annette, the senior hair stylist, whose disarming smile let me know that I was very welcome.

When I told her that I was transgender she replied, "Really? I wouldn't have known had you not told me. What can I do for you today?"

Annette, Senior Hair Stylist.
A first glimpse at the facilities.

What struck me immediately about the place was its cleanliness and orderliness. To me that said, "Professional."

It was early morning and there was only one other customer there. She was in the process of having her hair done, and paid absolutely no attention to me.

So, I made an appointment for the following Wednesday, and as I departed the salon I thought to myself, "There I did it!"

The day arrived, and I felt so excited as I entered the salon for the second time. And as I moved to the reception desk, Helen, the owner of the salon, came from somewhere in the back to greet me. It was obvious she was with a client, but had made a special effort to make me feel welcome and at ease.

Helen, Salon Owner, Senior Stylist and Wig Specialist.
The Pedicure Station.

I was introduced to my pedicurist, Shelley, who led me to the pedicure station. It looked so comfortable, just waiting for me to put my tired feet into that warm water.

It didn't take long for me to get into that chair, and as I sat there the vibrating chair back gave me a relaxing massage. It felt so good I thought I was in seventh heaven.

Did I feel relaxed? You bet I did!

Oh, that feels so good!
Shaping the toes.

After a very comforting, massaging bubble soak everything was ready.

Step one was a reshaping of the nails to a more delicate, feminine appearance.

Then came the removal of the dead skin surrounding the nails. Shelley used a very sharp blade, and with her expert touch I didn't feel a thing.

Needless to say, I was very careful not to move while she was working.

Removing dead skin.
The cuticles is a very tricky area.

The dead skin around the cuticles is tricky to remove. All it takes is one little slip and ...

Needless to say, I was in expert hands and wasn't the slightest bit worried.

With the dead skin out of the way, smoothing the nails with a special sanding block came next. All the ridges and bumps were removed, and the nail surfaces became more like they were when I was a kid. They appeared young and fresh.

My nails get smoothed with a special sanding block.
Getting rid of calouses.

The build up of calouses over the years presented no challenge to expert hands, and it wasn't long before the soles of my feet were smoothe and soft. It felt so good!

Exfoliating the skin is such a sensuous thing, and Shelley cleans off the dead skin cells right up to the knee.

This stuff is gritty, but cool.
Exfoliating the feet.

Whatever that green stuff is, it sure does the job, leaving your feet soothingly cool and refreshed.

The staff at Alluring & Chic really pamper you! While waiting for my feet, covered by a warm, fluffy towel, to thoroughly dry, I am sipping on a nice hot cup of herbal tea. Glorious!

Time for tea.
Oil is added around the nails.

As the pampering continues, a soothing oil is added around the nails.

Following the oil comes a hot wax bath. This has to be luxury at its peak. Talk about feeling like "Queen For A Day"!

A very soothing, hot wax bath.
Slippers and toe spreaders.

As we get ready for the finishing touches, sandals and toe spreaders are added. I am told that this is what I'll be wearing as I leave the shop! It's winter outside! Oh well, just another one of those things one has to put up with to be beautiful. Sigh.

Two hours from start to finish, and with my nails painted my feet look absolutely fabulous! My feet have never felt so good, or looked so beautiful!

The finished product.
A very satisfied client.

Talk about a very "happy camper". I have never felt so welcome and so pampered. I just had to have a picture of Shelley to remember this milestone in my life.

It's time to leave, but it is a cold snowy day outside, and I am shod only in those flimsy slippers. The car is parked a little distance away in the parking lot.

Helen braves the cold to bring the car to the door of the salon so I don't have to get my feet all covered in snow. Now is that service, or is that SERVICE!

I doubt that clients elsewhere get such special treatment. Alluring & Chic has to be the ultimate experience!

Talk about service!
One last hug.

After one last hug from Shelley and Helen, the owner of Alluring & Chic, and I float out the doot to the car. I don't think my feet ever touched the ground.


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