Samantha's Virtual Makeover

As it turned out I was the only one to show up at my very first support group meeting at Michelle's place. So I was the sole beneficiary of a two hour personalized lesson in makeup. When I arrived at the meeting I hadn't the slightest clue about the subject. Several hours later I departed, armed with a detailed, itemized shopping list and a basic idea of what to do with the stuff once I had purchased it. Little did I realize how much it would cost!

Several days later, and several hundred dollars poorer, I arrived home with a very small bag of goodies to try. I was so excited. However it was not until my first Saturday Social at Michelle's place that I was able to put my newfound knowledge and recent purchases to the test. There, for the first time, I learned that putting on makeup was an art which needed a lot of practice... a LOT of practice. Still, in the protected environment of Michelle's place I did ok for my first attempt.

At My First Social

Because I need glasses for accurate close-up vision I found work around the eyes most frustrating. So I left my glasses on to hide the mess. As you can see from the picture taken that night I didn't do too badly.

I owe Michelle a debt of gratitude for all her help. Indeed, not only did she get me started down the road to passability, she provided me with my first wig, the one I wore that night. Since then I have had it styled by Freda at her salon, and it is beautiful. I like it a lot.

Makeup is a very, very important consideration if one wants to "pass" in public. It was with that in mind that, I turned to the Internet looking for additional advice and helpful hints. It's amazing how much help there is available if one takes the time to search it out. Within the plethora of sites purporting to deal with the issue one stands out like a shining jewel; Jailyn's Beauty Site. There the reader is presented with expert advice about facial makeup, expertly illustrated with animated drawings, from a professional beautician/cosmetologist. Each day before venturing out en femme I consult that site to refresh myself on the basics.

However, one day with not a lot to do I found myself back at that site just for the heck of it. That was when I noticed Jailyn's offer to do a virtual make over to anyone who submitted the required information: a photo of the male self; a photo taken en femme; and answers to a few basic, non-personal questions. "What the heck," I thought, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." So, even though I felt that it would be a "mission impossible" sort of exercise I decided to give it a try. I really didn't expect a reply other that something like, "You've got to be kidding!" But several days later I had an answer back from Jailyn, complete with a photo and a lot of very detailed makeup advice. I couldn't believe it. The picture that I sent along as the en femme enclosure was the one taken at my first social, shown above.

Virtual Makeover

Here is what I got back...

I showed it to my dear wife and asked her who she thought it was. She was stumped. She couldn't identify me at all! I was ecstatic to say the least.

Dressed en femme and armed with that photo I approached Freda for assistance. With that photo in hand she selected two wigs which she was sure would fit the bill. Leading me to the private enclosure at the back of her salon she set me in the chair and started to work. The first wig was spectacular. It seemed to say "party girl" all over! But then reason set in, and I felt that for my age it was probably a little "too young". That one discarded, Freda concentrated on the other.


The result of her expert touch took my breath away. The change was so dramatic, and the face that I was looking at seemed to me to be so beautiful that I burst into tears. (Mind you, if you saw the male me you would burst into tears too!) Needless to say, I bought that wig. Not only that, but I departed the salon wearing it, spending the afternoon shopping. Then, to complete my celebration of the new "me" I took my evening meal at a local restaurant. I was in seventh heaven. I didn't ever want to change back.

So, dear reader, do yourself a favour. If you have never been to Jailyn's site go there now. Leave her a note that I sent you. Further, bookmark her site to your "Favourites" list and visit often. You will not be sorry. I guaranteed it.

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