Lynn Conway

Computer Scientist, Electrical Engineer, Inventor, Research Manager, Engineering Educator

Lynn Conway, my heroine!

I can still recall the newsreel coverage of Christine Jorgensen as she disembarked from the ship that had brought her from Europe to America after her "sex change" surgery. And, as I recall, it was the "talk of the Western World" at the time. I was a teenager back then, heading off to college in pursuit of a degree in Electrical Engineering, and I was fascinated by the whole thing. I find it interesting that her operation took place on my birthday, in 1952! I guess it was also about that same time that Lynn Conway was wrestling with early puberty and experiencing gender issues big time. I am sure that the shock waves created by the Christine Jorgensen event must surely have been strongly felt by that teenage boy who eventually became Lynn Conway.

When I first accidentally came across [Lynnís web site] it was as a matter of curiosity that I started to read her story. That was back in the days when I was still fighting desperately to be rid of the "curse" with which I was afflicted, and it was Lynnís web site that made me realize that I was not alone, that there was hope for a better life than the one I was leading.

Recently I came across another web site belonging to the lesbian & gay network, from MTV Networks, called LOGO. On their site is a page containing five parts of a documentary entitled Beautiful Daughters. The segment follows a group of trans women as they audition for, and take part in, the performance of Eve Enslerís Vagina Monologues. Lynn Conway plays a significant part. If you live in the United States you can purchase the entire documentary for less than $2.00 through iTunes. It is well worth the money! Unfortunately, despite our so-called "trade agreement," NAFTA, it is not available here in Canada. What a shame!

I still visit Lynnís site often. It is a wealth of information and it is growing constantly.

Thank you, Lynn, for all you have been through. Thank you for being here and for sharing your experiences with us. Thank you for inspiring me to live to the best of my abilities.

Thank you so much.

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