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The Power of Intention
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The Power of Intention

Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way

Wayne W. Dyer, Ph.D.

Paperback / Hay House / February 2004

This is the book that changed my life!

Of all the books I have read, this outstanding work by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has caused a turn around in my life; in the way I look at life; in the way I live it. It is exciting, and refreshingly different. How different?

Well, to begin with, in his preface, Dr. Dyer sends the reader to the last chapter in the book first! Chapter 15, entitled A Portrait of a Person Connected to the Field of Intention, is the author's attempt to show the impact that this work can have upon an individual. After reading it I have no doubt that you will go back to the beginning for what will probably be the beginning of a "new you".

Dr. Dyer's thesis is contained in Part 1, The Essentials of Intention. Consisting of the first six chapters, it is here that he slowly and carefully constructs his concept. From Viewing Intention From A New Perspective, through a description of The Seven Faces Of Intention, to Chapter 6, Intention and Infinity, the reader is led to the conclusion: "Just as love is eternal, so is this my true nature. I'll never be afraid again, because I am forever." He then asks, "You are in the truest sense, as Iíve said previously, either a human being having an occasional spiritual experience, or an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience. Which of those gives you a feeling of love? And which inspires fear?"

Throughout, these six formulating chapters, Dr. Dyer draws from some of the great minds of our time and in history: Hermes, Emily Dickinson, John Keats, Swami Chidvilasananda, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Mahatma Gandhi, Max Planck and Dr. David R. Hawkins, to name a few. Each chapter ends with a five point "how to" section to assist the reader in implementing the ideas just covered.

The second section of the book, entitled Putting Intention to Work, contains eight chapters, each offering specific information and a step-by-step guide for applying the principles developed in the first section to the daily life situations we all face at one time or another.

The last section, consisting of one chapter, is that which I referred to at the beginning of this review. As you read it for the second time you know that this is a book you will read again, and again. I have recommended this book to just about everyone I know, and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

Get this book! It changed my life, and I know it will change yours.

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