My Friends

Tanya Cross
Tanya is my dearest friend. Not a time goes by, when she is in town, that we don't get together at least twice for social events or for just hanging out at her place or mine. My wife and I are extremely fond of her. We love her dearly.

Tanya and I started this trans journey together some years back, when we joined the Gender Metaphor support group. In those early days we were eager to learn and quick to make mistakes. We are older, and much wiser now.

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My dearest friend, Tanya.

Amanda Ryan
Amanda is also one of our dearest, long time friends, who has visited in our home, often staying over night. She is warm, friendly and outgoing. It's no wonder that Gender Mosaic did so well under her leadership.

Amanda joined Gender Metaphor at the same time as Tanya and me. We enjoyed going out together, clubbing, dining, and just having fun. Together we became known as "the three musketeers". Those were the days, my friend…

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My dearest friend, Amanda.

Kaitlin Acres
Our dear friend Kaitlin and her wife spend weekends together at our house over the time Gender Mosaic meets. We enjoy stimulating, sometimes quite intellectual, conversation. It was Kait and her partner who gave me my first "real life" test when they hosted me as a weekend guest in their home several years ago and took me to a Sunday church service in their community.

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My very dear friend Kaitlin.

Joanne Law
Joanne is a very dear friend indeed! I have known her almost as long as Tanya and Amanda, having met her at my very first social outing to a restaurant with the Gender Metaphor group. We get together most Mondays at noon for a cuppa java and a chat before she heads home after her morning work nearby.

Being the consummate activist, Joanne is well know here in Ottawa as well as all across Canada and the United States. She has recieved more awards for her active work in the transgender community than anyone else I know. As well as being one of my best friends, she is also one of my "heroes".

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My dearest friend Joanne.

Danielle Marie Labelle
Danielle and I have been corresponding via email for more years than I care to mention. Although we have never met, I feel that we are the best of friends. Over the years we have shared so much.

Danielle lives in Florida. We havent been down south for over twenty years now, since we sold our house on the gulf coast. However, you can bet that the next time we are in the sunshine state we will be getting together!

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My dear friend Danielle Labelle.

Regine Gloria Brice
I met Regine several years ago as a result of this web site! When she contacted me it was at a very formative time in her life, and she had been exploring the Internet looking for cross-dressing information. She found my site, and that was the start of a beautiful friendship. Since then Regine has blossomed into a beautiful woman.

Now living full time as a woman, Regine is "out" to her family, her friends, and her wartime military buddies. On the road to transitioning, Regine looks so feminine that even when she puts on male fatigues she still looks every part the woman she is. For her there is no turning back.

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My dear friend Regine from England.

Karyn Susan Ashe
With a beautifully infectious smile that could warm the coldest soul, Karen is a real charmer. A bubbly, vivaceous person who enjoys life to the fullest, Karen is comfortable in either gender. Thanks to the Internet we met when a visitor to her web site then came to mine. That led to an exchange of banners. Although she has taken down all but the most rudimentary opening page of her web site, you can still contact her through it.

We eventually met over a cup of coffee at a Tim Horton's and immediately liked each other. Whenever she is in Ottawa now we plan to get together.

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My dear friend, Karyn.

Although I have never met Jailyn in person, she is one person I would really like to meet. As you know from having read my "history" Jailyn was instrumental in producing the image I enjoy so much today. As a cosmetologist and makeup artist she offers free advice to all who pass her way and ask.

Of late she has been inactive on the web, but her web site pages on facial makeup are still an outstanding resource.

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My dear friend Jailyn.