"I have always felt like a girl."

"I have always felt like a girl."  Every time I read or hear that it bothers me.  How does a girl 'feel'?  How does a boy 'feel'?  How is a girl supposed to feel?  How is a boy supposed to feel?  How are those feelings defined?  The short answer is: no one knows!  The one thing I know for sure is how I 'feel'.  I have always 'felt' like me.

Society dictates, in general terms, how a girl/ woman, boy/man, should act, behave, look, dress, conduct life in general.  Through organized religion, television and the printed/spoken word it even attempts to dictate how each of us should think.

But one needs to seriously question the concept of 'feeling' as it applies in this context.  Given the fact that no two people are alike, (hence the appellation 'individual'), no two people 'feel' alike.  So, how can anyone 'feel' like a girl, or 'feel' like a boy?  My answer is that one can only imagine what society dictates as to what a girl or boy 'feels' like.  The 'feeling' is only the individual's idea of what that reality is, for no one can truly 'feel' like any other.  'Feelings' are as individual as one can get!

Am I way off base here?

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