Christina's Letter


You share an expression of life that thousands share with you and that many thousands more cannot fully understand because they have no reference point, no personal experience from which they can understand.  Unfortunately, to really know the transgender experience you must BE transgendered.  As hard as it may seem we simply have to respect and yet let go of those who choose not to honour the value of everyone's life including those with the gift of being transgendered.  No one has the right to appraise the value of one life over another.

Fear and shame do not define us.  That may be how others attempt to reflect their misunderstandings back onto us but it cannot be how we define ourselves.

Each moment of our life arises in total freedom.  From there we remain free to make any choice we wish.  We can choose to accept the unreasonable judgement of others or we can stand in our own space.  It takes courage to stand alone, but if that is what must be done, then that is how we can sustain our freedom to offer to the world what our life represents.  In all its glory.  In all its diversity.  Nature herself arises as the interdependency of diversity NOT the stagnation of conformity.  It is the destiny of transgendered people to lead the way to a world without oppression.  What a great cause that is.  A great reason to push beyond our daily struggle.

I believe it is the role of our community to stand together, to offer up strength to you and to all our sisters and brothers in the times when a little extra strength is necessary.  This community is vast, it is full of great leaders and all of them will support you as you go forward.  Give to the world what it is that you have to give, whatever that may be.  Your life is unique, and it is vitally important, just as you are.

By all means seek out the resources you need to continue to unfold who you are.  Resist any attempt to be defined by a society, by a culture or with all due respect by family who, for whatever reason, do not understand.  Your life, each life, is far greater than a single judgmental thought.  Ultimately the power of such a thought lies only in the power that you grant it.  Refuse to believe it and it is powerless against you.  Do whatever you need to do to find the strength for such refusal.  In this you do not, and will not, stand alone.  There are too many of us.

There can be no promise that it will be easy  Nothing, certainly nothing worthwhile, is easy.  It has been said that there is no elevator to success... you have to take the stairs... one step at a time.

Everything you need to be supported in your journey is available to you.  That I can guarantee.  Seek it out.

With great compassion,

Christina C

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