Amanda's Letter

Hi Samantha,

From the first day I met you I thought you were a wonderful person.    You have been an inspiration to me all along.  I like your style and your attitude.

I think you are absolutely correct to look for therapy or counselling.  I would say that it is your wife who has the problem dealing with transgender issues, not you.  From what I have seen you are the one working your way through those problems.  Don't let her fear stop you from finding the help you need and want.  The counselling I have had through my "coming out" and subsequent separation has been invaluable.  Also the support of this group and family and friends.  You have many friends among this group who would be willing to help you in any way we can.  Just ask.

I think being transgendered is a plus.  I can experience both sides of the gender equation.  I consider myself lucky to be transgendered.   It has taken time and counselling to reach that conclusion but I am there now.   Please take advantage of the counsellors that are available in Ottawa.   I will e-mail you my home phone number so you can call for the name of the counsellor I saw.  She was wonderful.

Your friend always,


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