Alluring & Chic

Welcome to one of Ottawa's premier salons.

Alluring & Chic, Unisex Hair & Esthetics Salon

My name is Helen, and I am the owner, operator, senior hair stylist and wig design specialist at our busy salon. You'll have to excuse my appearance, but as you can see, I am busy with a client.

Our expert staff are available to meet all your esthetics needs, including:

  • Hair Styling
  • Cuts/Colours
  • Shampoo/Blow dry
  • Highlights/Lowlights
  • Hair Extensions
  • Professional Wigs
  • Nails
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Facials, and
  • Waxing

I hope you enjoy your pictoral tour of my establishment.

The Foyer

The first thing you will see as you enter is the foyer.

After that, you will be greeted by our senior hair stylist, Annette, who also doubles as our receptionist.

Annette, Senior Hair Stylist.
A first glimpse at the facilities.

This is a view of half of our hair care and styling section. Note the secluded area in the back for clients with special needs or privacy concerns.

The other side of the main room in our salon is also equipped for hair styling and care.

The second side of our hair styling area.
The Pedicure Station.

Proseeding into the salon, the first area on the left is set aside for manicures and pedicures. This is a view of the very modern pedicure station with a client controlled massage backed chair.

Across from the pedicure station is the room used for body waxing and electrolysis.

The electrolysys and waxing station.
Wig room 1.

We have two specialized rooms for the fitting and styling of wigs. This is a view of Fitting Room 1.

This is a selection of the wigs in Fitting Room 2.

A selection of wigs in Fitting Room 2.
Fitting Room 2

This is Wig Fitting Room 2, the last of the facilities available to the public. The remaining rooms are for administration and staff use.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour of our facilties at Alluring & Chic.

Please feel free to drop in, any time we are open for business, for a consultation.

We are at:
105-1390 Clyde Avenue,
Ottawa, ON, K2G 3H9

Telephone 613-233-1783

Visit our web site at


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